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As Ozkanlar Baskul we manufacture and supply weighbridges, scales, electronic vehicle weighbridges, truck scales, industrial weighing systems, weighing systems, weighbridge spare parts, weighbridge accessories, digital weighbridges, container weighing systems, belt scales, loader scales, excavator scales, transpallet scales, crane scales, weighbridge, scale, electronic vehicle weighbridge, truck scale, industrial weighing system, weighing system, weighbridge spare part, weighbridge accessory, digital weighbridge, container weighing system, belt scale, loader scale, excavator scale, transpallet scale, crane scale, dynamic weighing systems, static weighing systems, marble scales, pallet scales, tumba sclaes, iron and steel scales, livestock scales, multipurpose small bascules, indicators, loadcells, j-boxes, traffic light systems, barrier systems, plate recognition systems, external displays, voice guidance systems, visual guidance systems, rfid systems, dynamic weighing system, static weighing system, marble scale, pallet scale, tumba sclae, iron and steel scale, livestock scale, multipurpose small bascule, indicator, loadcell, j-box, traffic light system, barrier system, plate recognition system, external display, voice guidance system, visual guidance system, rfid system... Ozkanlar baskul has begun to produce mechanical weighing scales at 1985. By the improvements in technology, the Company has started to produce electronic weighing systems after 1995. We serve with the 40 different kinds of products for different industries. The vehicle weighbridges are our major products. Our company added research & development department which creates new products with experienced engineers to provide our customer all needs. The Company which takes guide of customer’s needs, efforts to make best in all departments. ISO 9001/2008 standarts has been added in company management of quality system and with the CE certificate, company catches Europe Standards. With our experienced technicians and sales manager, we serve all over the country. We serve official stamping and registering with our weighbridge calibration vehicle and M1 class 40T etalon masses for customer. Ozkanlar Baskul is increasing its successes with combining experience and Technologies without breaking the company vision which is being sensitive for nature and human.
DEMIR PACKING with its international brandname D-PACK is the leading manufacturer company for automatic and semi automatic filling , weighting (scaling) and packing systems for agricultural, industrial and food sectors since 1980 . With the power of our expert engineers, technicians , professional staff, sales team and after sales service; we are at the top of list with our quality and working princibles. Demir Packing manufactures together with internationally valid registered TSE, CE, OIML, ISO certified materials and quality controls. Our local references at any point of Turkey together with international references around the World reflect our real power, product quality and optimum function of products which make us powerfull than the others who are trying to imitiating and following us…
Sg Makine, which exhibits a unique quality policy based on traditional values ​​equipped with up-to-date information, aims to carry itself forward by developing technology in line with customer expectations by keeping the line it catches.
Tunaylar which is one of the oldest weighing scales manufacturers, was founded in 1936 and began to manufacture mechanical truck scales. In 1980s, It became the first electronic truck scale manufacturer in Turkey by focusing on electronic weighing systems. Today, it is the leading company in our country in truck scale sector. Manufacturing and sales of the industrial-type electronic weighing devices and systems, and after-sale technical support constitute our main field of operation. Within this framework, electronic truck scales, railway scales, static and dynamic axle scales; platform, monorail, transpallet scales, filling scales; tank, silo, bunker weighing, and filling and dosing systems with weight control; belt, silo, crane scales besides scale and weighing indicators and accessories are the main products we manufacture. Also manufacturing; masses, sets of masses and load cells are the other products that we mainly sell. Besides, we design and manufacture scale and weighing systems on customer request. Having nationally and internationally accepted systems and certificates such as ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System, 2009/23/EC Type Approval, CE, Metrology CE, OIML and GOST, Tunaylar meets the expectations of our customers with the highest quality. All of the weighing scales and other instruments have their respective compatibility certificates in accordance with standards relevant with its field of activities. As of today, our company carries out its operations in its plant of 7000 square meters, located in Istanbul Esenyurt, with its expert and trained staff, in cooperation with its countrywide service network of well equipped and solution partnerships known worldwide. Aware of the indispensable status and importance of the weighing scales, which we use in every part of our life primarily in shopping health and production, for a fair and reliable living, our company is constantly developing by following up-to-date technologies. Maintaining its leadership position in the Turkish market, our company offers services in a great variety of countries abroad and increases its export rate day by day. Our objective is to take our company further as a source of honor to our customers and staff, and ensure that it will always remain as leader in its sector. In accordance with this goal the key concepts such as enhanced technology, quality and customer satisfaction are constantly kept keywords in the foreground. “Tunaylar” brand has come to be the symbol of quality and trust today.
Since 1998 the sector that the company from received information and accumulation and installations in the year 2019 perform zrc industrial weighing and automation systems ltd ‘ weighing on behalf of’ the slogan and %100 by adopting customer even principles of contemporary production, reasonable price and fast service team with national and international solution partner.
RTK Makina Co. is a turnkey plant manufacturer. RTK was estabbished in January 2009 by 30 years experienced mechanical engineers. Our philosophy is always working like customer’s own engineers, propose the most efficient solutions technically and financially. Therefore our slogan is “RTK: Your Engineers” and our principal is “Technical Reliable Solutions”. We are proud of our philosopy and never take step back. Our main scopes: Rotary Dryers Belt Dryers Grinding crushing classifying Process Jet Puls Filters Dust Collection Jet Puls Filters and silo top filters Pneumatic Conveying Material Handling Weighing (bunkers, receipt making /dosing / stabil feeding) Weighing belt scale Reactors and mixers Serpentine and heat exchangers Loading bellow Airlock Big bag (jumbo bag) Valve bag and open mouth bag filling And Turn-key Plants consisting above machines.